Why visit an endodontist?

Just as your medical doctor may refer you to a specialist,  your general dentist can also refer you to an endodontist for a root canal procedure.  Endodontists are dentists specially trained to treat infections and pain related to the root canal system of a tooth.  

Endodontists require at least 2 years of post-doctoral education.  This additional training not only produces clinicians proficient in endodontic procedures, but also provides a deep biological understanding of how to treat and prevent the endodontic disease.  With this knowledge, endodontists are capable of providing excellent treatment with a high standard of care.

Please view the patient videos below for more information:

Features interviews with root canal patients describing their positive, pain-free experiences, while endodontists explain what a root canal is and symptoms you may have if you need one.

Endodontists detail the positive relationships they have with their referring general practitioners and a general dentist talks about the importance of knowing his limitations. Both practitioners recognize that strong partnerships result in optimal dental patient care.